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"Alžbeta began teaching our son prior to the pandemic, and then switched effortlessly to online teaching. Somehow, during this challenging time, she continued to bring her warmth, encouragement and support to each weekly session, imbuing in her student a genuine joy of playing the clarinet, willingness to practice and to gain confidence and learning. Her detailed feedback after each lesson to us as parents via e-mail was incredibly appreciated, and gave a clear steer on what went well, and what should be worked on. Overall, Alžbeta was truly a wonderful and caring music teacher for the clarinet, and we would not hesitate to recommend her." Zarouhi, London

"Alžbeta is one of those rare people who is not only an incredible professional musician, but also a patient and understanding teacher. Her gentle encouragement and support, coupled with her great depth of knowledge and experience, gave me the confidence and motivation needed to reach grade 8 standard on the clarinet. I’d recommend her to children and adult learners alike." Alice, Cambridgeshire

"Teaching is too mundane a word to describe what Alzbeta does: she leads you through a journey of discovery of your own music potential, motivating you to reach your own targets, and challenging you to strive a bit more for those you hadn’t thought within reach just yet. She has the gift to always find the “sweet spot” of maximum learning with each lesson, with just enough challenge, but never to the point of being overwhelming and always fun. She taught me and my daughter things in weeks I thought might take years, and being such a down to earth, lovely person, that you feel you’re just playing with a friend. She’s magic!" Ian, Cambridgeshire

"We have been extremely lucky to get Alžbeta as an Oboe teacher for our son Arthur who took this instrument in Y5, just before the first lockdown. Despite the difficult conditions, we were blessed that Alžbeta offered to continue tuition over Zoom and we are happy and proud to report that both Arthur and Alžbeta's efforts resulted in Grade 1 and 2 passed with Merit in the short space of 2 years. Alžbeta's approach to teaching is amazing combining both the required discipline and exercises regime to see through the relevant exams, as well as providing the children with inspirational or fun pieces for them to enjoy playing their instrument. As parent, it is extremely pleasant to work in partnership with Alžbeta to bring out the best of our children musically, with a very accurate sense of their psychology and where they stand." Ombeline, London

"Alžbeta has taught me for over 2 years and I loved every lesson. Each lesson was tailored to me which helped me learn whilst having fun. She has an inspiring attention to detail and always gave me constructive criticism so I found myself making very rapid progress. I would thoroughly recommend Alžbeta as a teacher." Rebecca, Cambridgeshire

"I started to play the clarinet in my fifties and have had a number of teachers but Alžbeta ticks all the boxes. If you are a player who wants to develop their technique and sound quality and learn to play with others in a chamber setting and actually enjoy the experience you can do no better. She creates well-structured individual lessons, with follow-up and advice on practice, and is able to customize the repertoire to your tastes as well as working on basic study pieces. She is always encouraging and her experience as a performer shines through. I can thoroughly recommend Alžbeta as a clarinet teacher for students of all ages." John, Cambridgeshire

"Alžbeta is always enthusiastic about teaching and playing the saxophone. Her lessons are encouraging and positive, but she is also able to gently pick up on different aspects that can be improved. She has been equally happy to suggest new repertoire, or explore my suggestions. The lessons are always enjoyable, and pass too quickly! I have been learning with Alžbeta for just under 2 years, and in that time I have been really pleased with my progress." Gavin, Cambridgeshire

"Alžbeta helped draw out my daughter's potential in her clarinet playing. She thoroughly enjoyed her lessons and has recently been awarded a distinction in her Grade 2 exam, thanks to Alžbeta." Tanya, Cambridgeshire

"Alžbeta taught my son recorder during his later years at primary school. During this time my son passed his ABRSM grades with merits and distinctions. More than this, my son enjoyed playing music during his time with Alžbeta. He became full of enthusiasm and passion for performing. It is everything I had wished for, and I can truly say that it was for most part due to Alžbeta‘s wonderfully engaging teaching style, positivity and encouragement. Every lesson was made enjoyable for my son, and on occasion also enjoyable for me when Alžbeta involved me in playing duets with him. I have very fond memories of these times. Alongside being engaging, Alžbeta's instruction was always excellent, with the vigour and discipline in her approach that helped my son achieve his excellent pass rate. My son is continuing music through secondary school thanks to the enthusiasm instilled by Alžbeta. I fully recommend Alžbeta as a music teacher." Geoff, London

"I am delighted to have found Alžbeta as a soprano saxophone teacher for my 12 year old daughter. She is very kind and encouraging, brings out the best in her playing and has a variety of techniques on hand to help with trickier areas, such as remembering scales. After each lesson she sends a recap of the lesson so that my daughter can remember the teaching points and practice accordingly. In the words of my daughter after her first lesson with Alžbeta, 'I learnt more in the last hour than I have in a year with my previous teacher'. I highly recommend Alžbeta." Parent, Cambridgeshire

"As a complete beginner with the saxophone I have been blown away by the progress Alžbeta has helped me to achieve in relatively short time. Having never even picked up a saxophone before I was soon able to play actual melodies, all due to her guidance and support. She is a wonderful teacher; patient, encouraging and kind, and I enjoy every single lesson with her. Her genuine passion for music is infectious! I am a teacher myself and know how vital these qualities are! I feel very lucky to have had such a great first teacher for the saxophone and am excited to continue learning and improving. Alžbeta is always flexible in terms of booking lessons, which has made it much easier for me to fit around a busy work and home life. I could not recommend her more!" Adult learner, London

"As a nearly 70 year old whose last musical instrument was a recorder in primary school, I was very pleased at the progress I made in a short time. Alžbeta is an enthusiastic and patient teacher combining attention to detail with enjoying making music. I did not find the clarinet an easy instrument to learn but her experience and guidance made it that much easier to maintain confidence in my ability to succeed." Adult learner, Cambridgeshire

"My son has been playing the saxophone for 3 months only and the progress he has made with Alžbeta is unbelievable. She is very encouraging and patient and offers constructive feedback. She praises him when he is doing well and clearly explains how to correct any mistakes as he goes along. He enjoys it when she plays duets with him. Alžbeta really manages to strike a good balance between learning and fun. I highly recommend her!" Parent, Cambridgeshire

"Alžbeta teaches my 3 children saxophone and clarinet and I am so happy with her as a teacher! She has a lovely calm, encouraging style of teaching which my children all respond to. I have seen them all make great progress both technically and musically. Alžbeta also writes individual practice schedules which have made such a difference to their practising." Parent, London

"Visual, bright, exclusive, cosmic – that's what we inferred from the name of the group that were giving their performance. The four gleaming instruments – all of the utmost quality, and each held at a different height determined by its size – attracted admiration. These young, talented, smiling and ebullient artists, each from different corners of the world, immediately won the hearts of the audience." Review for PARALLAX Saxophone Quartet from the concert at the Spring Music Festival in Košice 2018

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